Desktop jewellery soldering machine

The desktop jewellery laser spot welding machine is a professional laser equipment for metal welding in the jewellery industry, mainly used for filling holes, spot welding trachoma and repair welding of gold and silver jewellery. It has the advantages of high precision, low loss and super fast, mainly used for filling holes, spot welding trachoma and repair welding of gold and silver jewellery, suitable for gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and other heavy metals and their alloy materials, also can be used for filling trachoma of dentures and tiny precision devices such as battery nickel tape, integrated circuit leads, clock and watch filaments, picture tubes, electronic gun assembly and other fields of welding.   Product features   ● Equipped with Chaomi Laser's automatically developed voltage regulated pulse power supply, which is compact in size and has 15% more energy per pulse than ordinary power supplies. It is more suitable for the welding of gold, silver and other highly reflective materials. ● The core component "laser cavity" is a gold-plated reflective cavity, which provides more stable performance and longer service life, providing users with efficient and economical processing solutions. ● The machine's structure is optimised for compactness and portability, making it a true high-performance mini-welding machine. ● High welding quality and beautiful weld seam, the weld seam can be of the same strength as the base material without secondary processing, effectively improving the qualification rate of the finished product. ● Can weld refractory materials, especially suitable for precision welding of micro and small parts and jewellery. ● Highly customisable, the machine can be tailor-made to meet customer requirements.   Product parameters
LM-200 Laser Welding Machine
Output Power
100 W I 200 W I 300 W - based on requirement
Single-pulse energy
0-100 J
Machine Design Type
Desktop I Vertical
Laser Source
Laser Wavelength
1064 nm
Pump lamp
Pulsed Xenon Lamp
Pulse Width
0.1.15 ms adjustable
Pulse Repeated Frequency
1 - 20 Hz adjustable
Welding spot diameter
0.2-1.5 mm adjustable
Observing System
Microscope I CCD - based on requirement
Cooling System
Water chiller
Power Supply
Single Phase AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz I 60HZ, 4 KW
Running Environment
Temperature 5°C-28°C Humidity 5%-70%
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