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TS1325 large format laser cutting machine

Industry standard New upgrade
LM1325 large format laser cutting machine adopts high power, high performance SLW 500W CO2 laser, equipped with precision ball screw drive, imported high precision linear guide and other efficient transmission mechanism, equipped with the new upgraded RUIDA6445G CNC system, mainly used for die-cutting board, plastic, wood, composite materials and other materials cutting and forming, can simultaneously cut and process flat and curved surfaces, especially suitable for advertising, crafts, clothing leather, kitchenware, lighting and other industries.
1、Reinforced welded bed, large gantry precision milling processing, annealed and vibration aging to eliminate stress, deformation tolerance within ±0.02mm.
2、The crossbeam structure is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of lighter weight, less resonance and smoother operation than the traditional steel frame crossbeam.
3、Very suitable for whole sheet cutting of various materials such as density board and acrylic.
4、The full rack and pinion movement structure, while achieving high precision cutting of the sheet, effectively ensures the stability of the machine when running at high speed.
LM1325 laser engraving and cutting machine
Grayish andwhite
Working Table Size
1300mmm *2500mm
Laser Tube
SLW  CO2 glass Tube
Working Table
Blade platform (aluminum blade platform optional)
Laser Power
Cutting Speed
0-100 mm/s
Engraving Speed
Minimum Letter
English 1×1mm (Chinese Characters 2*2mm)
Support Fils
Rd works
Computer system
Windows XP/win7/ win8/win10
57 Stepper Motor
Power Voltage
AC 110 or 220V±10%,50-60Hz
Power cable
European Type/China Type/America Type/UK Type
Working Environment
0-45℃(temperature) 5-95%(humidity)
Position system
Red-light pointer
Cooling way
Water cooling and protection system
Packing Size
Gross Weight
Standard plywood case for export
All life free tech support, two year warranty, except consumables
Free accessories
Air Compressor/Water Pump/Air Pipe/Water Pipe/Software and Dongle/ English User Manual/USB Cable/Power Cable
Optional parts
Spare Focus lens Spare Reflecting mirror Spare Rotary for cylinder materials Industrial Water Chiller

Application industry :

advertising, handicrafts, clothing leather, kitchenware, lighting and other industries.

Applicable materials :

Professional for cutting a variety of thin plates, die-cutting board quality cutting, can also cut PVC, density board, acrylic, ABS, wood and other non-metallic materials.
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