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Best quality Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 1390 - TS4060 Laser engraving and cutting machines with Ruida 6445G – Gold Mark

This product is the latest model developed for the non-metal cutting industry. The machine is equipped with a visual industrial CCD camera, which can take pictures of the outline of the cutting object and thus automatically cut the edges, and can be widely used in the trademark, toy and garment industries. Machine configuration is high, stable performance, fast, the movement part adopts imported linear guide and high-speed stepping subdivision motor; embedded computer control, DSP digital high-speed processing technology, off-line operation, humanized operation interface. Laser power and engraving and cutting speed change random control function, smooth cut without loose edge, no deformation, consistent and accurate size; can be multi-layer cutting at the same time, any complex shape, high cutting accuracy.       Product Advantages   1. Automatic edge-finding function: automatic extraction of contour lines, easy to deal with the problem of deformation of flexible materials. 2. Coloured edge-finding function: Coloured patterns can also be automatically edge-found 3. Template deformation matching function: the template can also be deformed with the deformation 4. Stencil + automatic edge-finding mix cut function 5. Support for intelligent and different length cycle feeding to achieve automatic recognition of over-width cycle processing 6. Camera up and down focus function to change the field of view of the camera or adjust the sharpness. 7. Professional Ruida 6442S laser control system,precise,stable and fast. 8. Brand laser tube.good spot quality,stable output power,good engraving effect. 9.Color LCD display,support multi-language operation.Electric UP&Down platform,convenient for customers to place thick materials. 10. Optional rotary attachment,convenient for customers to engrave the required materials. Product parameters  
Parameter table
Working Table Size
Gray & White
Laser Tube
EFR or reci
Stepper motor
Minimum Letter
English 1×1mm (Chinese Characters 2*2mm)
Support Fils
Power cable
European Type/China Type/America Type/UK Type
Working Environment
0-45℃(temperature) 5-95%(humidity)
Position system
Red-light pointer
Cooling way
Water cooling and protection system
Product details       Product samples Applicable materials: Rolled fabric, trademarks, embroidered shell badges, plush toys, clothing denim fabric, leather, fabric and other non-metallic materials. Applicable industries: Clothing, leather, cloth toys, computer embroidery cutting, packaging printing, paper products and other industries that require high precision density for engraving and cutting effects.